We believe in...

  • Excellence. We do not do things halfway. Verismo is committed to delivering a truly *WOW* experience to each client.
  • The Right FitWe believe in creating partnerships that uplift our clients. To that end, we only work with clients we believe in, so we can invest our energy in helping deserving artists succeed. 
  • Relationship-Building. We engage people from all aspects of the classical music industry in genuine, friendly dialogue. 
  • Teamwork. We collaborate with strong, well-rounded teams of professionals to optimize the savvy artist's career path.
  • Honesty. We will give it to you straight. We promise to act with unwavering integrity.




Beth Stewart, Founder

Beth has experienced the arts industry as an opera singer, producer, and general director. This diverse exposure has fostered a unique perspective and ever-growing passion for the industry, and the drive to inspire those around her.

After graduate school, Beth leveraged her talents at grand-scale organizing as General Director of a small regional opera company. While garnering national media attention for her company, Beth watched graduate school colleagues make the transition from apprenticeships to leading roles at regional houses. She began to see the wide-ranging expectations placed on young singers, especially those touted as the most promising budding opera stars of their generation. 

The juggling act of coaching new roles, communication with management, and constant travel and adjustment to new colleagues could clearly be a stress-filled (albeit artistically rewarding) lifestyle. On top of this hectic day-to-day routine, artists were also now expected to be their own publicists, frequently updating followers with news, reviews, cleverly-filtered photos, and charming anecdotes of life on the road.

As her singer friends progressed to bigger stages and brighter lights, Beth relocated to the Southwest and began work with the Eller MBA Programs at the University of Arizona. She took advantage of the university's generous tuition benefits by taking classes in public relations, marketing, and global business. Particularly intrigued as she learned more about social media marketing and relationship-building, she began to realize she had a valuable skill set for working professionals in the arts.

Now based in New York City, Verismo Communications is the vehicle for that multi-faceted skill set, utilizing Beth's varied experiences as performer, producer, educator, and marketer. Verismo is dedicated to working behind the scenes to keep the spotlight on rising and established artists. We value authenticity and creativity, and our clients trust our impeccable organization and rock-solid reliability.

We provide bespoke services that can include public relations, website design, branding, social media management, and consulting. The name Verismo was chosen to evoke the passion of that operatic genre, as well as the idea of truth in the arts through the accurate reflection of contemporary life. Our goal is to help artists shed the multiple careers today's reality has demanded of them, and allow them to return their focus to their passion for the musical and dramatic arts.