Tucson Desert Song Festival Subject of 3-Piece Feature in Latin Post

December 3, 2015

“Few music festivals can claim the leadership position or forward thinking of the Tucson Desert Song Festival. In a modern world in which classical music is facing a tough battle for continued funding, TDSF is giving smaller regional organizations an opportunity to thrive.” LATIN POST

The Tucson Desert Song Festival's 2016 season is featured in a 3-part series in the Latin Post. The series discusses the festival funding model, as well as upcoming performances by Adam del Monte and Daniela Mack.

Part I: Tucson Desert Song Festival Paves the Way for Smaller Regional Organizations

Part II: Spanish Guitarist Adam del Monte Talks Tucson Desert Song Festival, Argentine Folk Music

Part III: Argentine-American Mezzo Soprano Daniela Mack Looks Ahead to Tuscon Desert Song Festival