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2019 Resonant Bodies Festival Earns Wall-to-Wall Coverage

“Explorations shared in a spirit of generosity and intimacy.” From The New York Times and The New Yorker to Gothamist and Man Repeller, New York’s Resonant Bodies Festival was on everyone’s radar.

Jamie Barton's Recital Tour Starts with A Bang in Boston, New York

“The kind of singer that changes the way we think about mezzos in this century…the kind of singer who brings us back to other centuries. The voice itself is, of course, a marvel. Rich and sonorous, but also vulnerable, it seems to emerge from the depths of the lower abdomen, as though lungs could start where legs ended, with tone shooting up from the floor.” Jamie Barton and pianist Kathleen Kelly kick off their recital tour to rapturous acclaim in Boston and New York.