Fry Street Quartet Launches #MakeItYours, Releases 'The Crossroads Project'

September 9, 2016


Today, the visionary Fry Street Quartet releases The Crossroads Project on Navona Records: a captivating recording blending art and science to address global sustainability, featuring new works by Pulitzer Prize nominee Laura Kaminsky and Grammy Award winner Libby Larsen.

The Crossroads Project exemplifies the FSQ’s intellectual and musical curiosity and collaborative spirit. The album commemorates the ensemble’s signature multimedia performance of the same name, created in collaboration with physicist Dr. Robert Davies, which has toured to 20 cities for a total of 30 performances.

“The FSQ has always been motivated by the goal of relevancy, in matters big and small. We feel it’s critical that we bring our artistic voices to bear on a topic vital to human society,” says Fry Street Quartet cellist Anne Francis Bayless.

“The arts, and music in particular, have long been instrumental in social change movements,” adds FSQ violinist Robert Waters. “The simpler goal of this recording is to generate a wider audience for these two fantastic new works. Our larger goal, though, is to spread awareness of the work of The Crossroads Project and, by extension, its call to action for each of us to work, as quickly as we can, to change our path away from environmental destruction and toward a sustainable world.”

To help spread that awareness, FSQ has launched the #makeityours social campaign, which encourages each of us to pick a way to contribute toward a more sustainable world. To date, the stop-motion video introducing the campaign has been viewed more than 17,000 times on Facebook.

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