Corinne Winters Returns to English National Opera

October 17, 2015

Photo by Jane Hobson

Photo by Jane Hobson

“Musically the show is dominated by Winters, whose sound is far bigger and more burnished than her waif-like frame might suggest.” THE LONDON TIMES

In her first appearance as a Londoner, Corinne Winters is earning critical acclaim for her return to English National Opera as Mimì in a controversial new Benedict Andrews production of La bohème. Critics are praising her performance as "pure, clean, shimmering with delicate control" (Gscene) and "the undisputed bright spot." (Bachtrack)

The show, which also stars Zach Borichevsky, Rhian Lois, and Duncan Rock, runs through November 26, with tickets available through the ENO website.

Read reviews:

"Corinne Winters just belongs on a stage. The sound of that big voice shaking her tiny frame was as exciting as it was upsetting in the last two acts. For sure the piece usually gets to you – but it’s less often that you care about the people you meet in it."
Edward Seckerson

"Happily for ENO, Corinne Winters is an assured heroine who produces a pure, limpid tone even when her upper frame is contorted. Her vocal colour, darker than we often hear in the role, is a delight."
What's On Stage

"Corinne Winters’ Mimì was the evening’s heroine, the undisputed bright spot. The burnished warmth in her soprano as she declares that “Gently the April sunlight will kiss me” was lovely, gorgeously phrased. I long to hear her sing the role in Italian. She nailed the top C at the end of “O soave fanciulla”, sung not off-stage, as Rodolfo and Mimì head off into moonlit Paris, but collapsed on a mattress. Winters sang her heart out in her Act III farewell."

"As Mimì, Corinne Winters has a splendid voice whose assertiveness is offset by great smoothness and evenness of tone."

"The singing in general was excellent with a stand out performance from US soprano Corinne Winters whom I last saw in an ENO production of La Traviata. She is an extraordinary singer whose small frame belies a powerful well controlled voice, rich in tone."
Limelight Magazine

"Even in a "verismo" opera, with the naturalistic acting and behaviour of the characters skilfully maintained in a modern setting, we can surely allow the metaphor of this theatrical invention. Rodolfo and Mimi are literally infected with love and complete their erotic duet while embracing each other on the floor. There was a time when singers in opera never sang in such extreme physical circumstances, or at least moaned about being asked to do so. Now it happens in almost every opera you see. And the new American stars Zach Borichevsky and Corinne Winters pull this scene off brilliantly."
What's On Stage

"The vocal honours go to Corinne Winters for a characterisation of gathering intensity and pathos as Mimì."
Plays to See

"The youthful cast of principals are a hard-working crew, headed by the passionately sung Mimi of Corinne Winters."
The Sunday Times

"For all its consumptive trajectory, La bohème is about grabbing at life, not lamenting it. Most Mimis might as well trail a shroud for all the vitality they exhibit – delicate is the default setting – but Corinne Winters gave her a welcome sense of agency. She knows her mind – she even makes jokes, almost unheard of in the soulful seamstress."

"Rodolfo and Mimi spend the rest of Act I lolling around the floor, though Corinne Winters somehow manages to project delectable sounds while hunched up with her back to the audience. Musically the show is dominated by Winters, whose sound is far bigger and more burnished than her waif-like frame might suggest."
The London Times

"Corinne Winters is a slight Mimì, who nevertheless summons warm tone to fill out Puccini’s romantic vocal lines."
Financial Times

"Corinne Winters shone as Mimì. Pure, clean, shimmering with delicate control when needed and with serious passion in her voice, I was enthralled.  It’s always hard to get the acting right for Mimì, but this knowing, exhausted but still flickering with hope and grasping at raw straws of feeling was spot on.  I’ve watched Mimì die many times, often wishing she’d get on with it, but this time I was genuinely moved, her death, off to one side, abandoned, ignored, drugged and wretched saddened me and I left sobered by this waste of life."

"Corinne Winters made an excellent Mimi, with a voice full of emotion and vulnerability."
Daily Express

"Corinne Winters began promisingly as Mimì and, as the evening proceeded, rose to the role's vocal and dramatic challenges; her clean, appealing lyric soprano is turning into an instrument to watch."
Opera News

"Corinne Winters as Mimi offered bright, pure, unshakeable singing and a touchingly genuine character."
The Independent

“The muddle is relieved by Corinne Winters’ performance as Mimì. She’s a fine actor, who can convey as much with a wry smile or a quick turn of the head, as with her rich dark soprano voice. She’s touching and vulnerable, and makes the most of a botched staging.”
Blouin ArtInfo

“Winters and Borichevsky are formidable actors, good-looking and terrific to watch. She sings with gorgeous tone throughout…”
The Guardian