Conductor Eun Sun Kim Kicks off Powerhouse 2019/20 Season

“Kim cultivated a rich, relaxed sound in the strings. Each phrase breathed, yet she also led with momentum, knowing just the right moment to push ahead.” The Korean maestra has just made important debuts in L.A. and Munich, as well as a hotly anticipated return to Cincinnati.

Chicago Magazine Proclaims: 'Lidiya Yankovskaya Takes Opera into The 21st Century'

“Naysayers accuse opera of resuscitating a permanent past. Here is where you can see the present.” Chicago Opera Theater’s Music Director is the classical highlight in Chicago Magazine’s Culture Issue.

Jamie Barton Featured on The Open Ears Project

“It began an obsession with classical music that turned her teenage alienation into a powerful sense of belonging to music and connection with its listeners, whoever they are and wherever they come from.” The American mezzo shares her most pivotal classical music memory with WQXR’s smash hit podcast, alongside Alec Baldwin, Wynton Marsalis, Eddie Izzard, Sam Mendes, and Jon Batiste.

Jamie Barton Takes UK by Storm as Favorite 'Queer Girl with A Nose Ring'

"We are witnessing something rather remarkable. That moment an audience falls in love with a singer." Jamie Barton’s media blitz ahead of Last Night of the Proms included appearances on television, radio, national print media, podcasts, and digital and glossy magazines.

Jamie Barton Speaks out for Body Acceptance & Queer Rights in The Times

“After thinking about what she really wanted to project to an audience of millions, she came to the conclusion that exhorting Britain’s naval hegemony wasn’t the only interesting message she could broadcast. “When I sat down with the BBC in October I told them, ‘You know, I can think of a flag that I can get behind. I’d really like to carry the Pride flag.’” The American mezzo tackles hot-button issues in this in-depth profile.

2019 Resonant Bodies Festival Earns Wall-to-Wall Coverage

“Explorations shared in a spirit of generosity and intimacy.” From The New York Times and The New Yorker to Gothamist and Man Repeller, New York’s Resonant Bodies Festival was on everyone’s radar.

Refugee Orchestra Project Makes Successful UK Debut

“Lidiya Yankovskaya has a passion for the new and for the neglected. She’s here for a Refugee Orchestra concert, she’s the Music Director of Chicago Opera Theater, and a whole host of other things that make me feel deeply inadequate.” Ahead of ROP’s London debut, Artistic Director Lidiya Yankovskaya got the word out.

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Lucy Dhegrae is NewMusicBox’s September Conversation

“I would never dream of telling a singer, ‘Hey, you should do this specific piece. I want to hear you do that piece.’ Because you’re only going to get the second-best thing from a singer that way, I think. But if you ask a singer, ‘What do you love to sing? What lights you up? Right now?’ Then things feel urgent. I want to hear your urgent music.'” The founder of the Resonant Bodies Festival discusses the art and science behind the voice.

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The Cover Star of Classical Music Magazine's September Issue Is...

“I’m interested in building relationships with those houses, like San Francisco, who are doing really good work, but also trying to be inclusive in terms of who they hire as well as who they market to. That is a direction opera needs to go in to stay relevant and viable.” From witches and Wagner to women championing body positivity, this star mezzo-soprano talks all things opera with Classical Music Magazine.

COT Music Director Pens Series on Responsibilities of Artistic Leaders in the 21st Century

“Those who embark on this path can foster creativity and collaboration, open doors that may otherwise remain closed, increase the number of voices represented, and ultimately move classical music toward a more viable future.” Lidiya Yankovskaya has penned a wide-ranging series on the evolving responsibilities of musical leaders.

Soprano Brenda Rae Joins Verismo Roster

"Virtuosic and sensual, capable of both power and nuance.” Verismo is proud to represent coloratura sensation Brenda Rae, who makes high-profile debuts at Teatro Real Madrid, Salzburg Festival, and the Metropolitan Opera this season.

Lidiya Yankovskaya and Refugee Orchestra Featured by CNN

“The Refugee Orchestra Project brings together musicians from all over the world and provides a space for refugees and immigrants to share their experiences through music.” Lidiya Yankovskaya’s work with her Refugee Orchestra project is the subject of a new CNN feature.

San Francisco Chronicle Hails Jamie Barton's Work Speaking Out for Women

Jamie Barton has an obvious affinity for strong, confident and outspoken women — both on and off the operatic stage. Perhaps that’s because, well, she’s one herself.” The American mezzo talks with Joshua Kosman about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Carmen, and other fierce feminist role models.

Refugee Orchestra Project's UK Debut Featured in Classical Music Magazine

“In these divisive times, vocal support of refugees has become critical – and musicians are uniquely well-positioned to address this issue,” explains founder Lidiya Yankovskaya. “Our art form crosses linguistic and cultural boundaries, and so much of what we do is rooted in collaboration.”

Lidiya Yankovskaya Recognized as One of Chicago's Top Musical Leaders

"After only a single season in her new role, her musical presence has revitalized a company that had become a shadow of itself.” Lidiya Yankovskaya’s work at Chicago Opera Theater has earned her a coveted spot on Newcity’s Music45 list.

Citizen Artist Lidiya Yankovskaya Featured in 'Girl Activist' Book

Designed to motivate the next generation of activists, the book features Lidiya’s work with Refugee Orchestra Project and highlights her as the only woman music director of a multimillion-dollar opera company in the United States.

Eun Sun Kim Makes San Francisco Opera Debut of "Astonishing Vibrancy and Assurance"

Everything from the highly characterized singing to the lush yet keenly honed reading of the score, under Kim’s baton, registers in a vividly visceral, emotionally penetrating way. Nothing feels or sounds gratuitous; just about everything, across three-and-a-half musically and dramatically absorbing hours, seems essential.” Eun Sun Kim’s house debut in San Francisco earns widespread critical acclaim.