Our clients are in-demand, distinctive artists captivating on the world stage.

Verismo client Jamie Barton on the cover of Opera News magazine

We help each artist tell his or her story, and facilitate connections with the press and the public.

We also work to generate publicity, making exclusive content, performance information, and breaking news part of our regular communication with journalists and fans. Our artists are getting major gigs and rave reviews – we make sure everyone hears the good news.

We offer social media management to keep our clients top-of-mind. While our artists are traveling or in the thick of rehearsing a new production, we work with them to develop original content, ensuring Twitter and Facebook feeds remain engaging and up-to-date.

We manage media perceptions of our artists, daily researching reviews and features published. We also monitor our clients' reputations by assessing what is being communicated via blogs, message threads, and posted photographs. If  desired, we offer a monthly report of new media references for each client, and we maintain digital clippings of reviews, features, mentions, and other media appearances.


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