About Us

Built on the trademark drive and infectious energy of founder Beth Stewart, Verismo Communications is a classical music PR firm that prizes authenticity and operates with unswerving integrity. Artists and arts organizations come to us for guidance in public relations, digital media, and consulting. Our work has propelled clients to features in top international media and we’ve played an integral role in major promotional campaigns. Verismo clients value our impeccable organization, rock-solid reliability, and quirky charm – and word is spreading.

We’re expanding the Verismo team with two new positions: one in New York City, and one that can be based in another metropolitan area. If you identify with the bolded bits below:

Don’t see yourself but convinced you’d be a great addition to the team? Pitch it in your cover letter!

About You

You’re whip-smart, witty, and wild about classical music and opera.

The next time we do a #Valhallantine social media takeover for the New York Phil, you’ll be revising your first Wagnerian-themed limerick while the dabblers are still counting their haiku syllables.

Your curiosity is legend

You’re a Chrome applet connoisseur – oh hey, WhatFont and BlockIdentifier – and if you don’t already know those, you just stopped reading to Google them.

You come to play.

You’ll fuel up on creative juice by getting to know our clients as Real Live Humans, and you won’t send a pitch until it’s sparking full-on joy.

You love words and communication

You’re already dreaming up portmanteaux for the next edition of the Verismo Fictionary. When translating reviews, you might warm up with Google Translate, but WordReference is your jam.

Your attention to detail is next-level.

Before you discovered Airtable, you made color-coded spreadsheets about your color-coded spreadsheets. You would call out your own grandmother if she mixed up their/they’re/there.

You’re comfortable with contradictions

You find the smell of hardcover books droolworthy and you’re fluent in Photoshop. You can speak cogently with musicologists and swap memes with a presenter’s in-house social media team.

You believed in ideas like diversity and equity before they were buzzwords

You’d be keen to research attendees at the world premiere of William Grant Still’s “And They Lynched Him on A Tree” – Eleanor Roosevelt and Samuel Barber, as it turns out! – and you ran out of clapping emojis when Russell Thomas was cast as Otello in D.C. 

You live for a challenge.

A day spent toggling between collating clients’ furbaby pics, researching drag reveals for a gown design, and brainstorming promo angles for a refugee orchestra in London sounds like FUN.

Us + You

If you’ve got the personality traits and strengths outlined above, we can teach you the rest. If you’re not coming from a PR background, you can try your hand at all of our areas of expertise: research and writing, project management, digital design, social media strategy and execution, media and public relations. Over time, you’ll be interacting with clients, managers, producers, and press.

You’ll work 20 hours a week to start. If you’re seeking stable part-time income to balance your creative pursuits, but might also need the flexibility to work from Banff in July, bingpot. Much of our collaboration will take place via Zoom, and you’ll also be in our Midtown East office and at client performances.

Made it this far? Feeling an inexplicable yearning for cold brew and cat videos? That’s the Verismo charm.

Show us some charisma of your own by sending a cover letter that didn’t start out as Template.docx and a resume detailing your experience in the classical music industry to team@verismocommunications.com. If it’s a good fit, we’ll be in touch straightaway!